The world's best-selling Chinese brands

The famous "made in china" proves to us that many of the items we buy have their origin precisely in this Asian country. China is a powerful center for international trade and, as such, many of its brands have gained a very positive reputation around the globe, integrating, in several sectors, the ranking of best selling products in their respective areas.If at one time China's association with lower quality products was a common prejudice; today we know that this country is at the forefront of new technologies, and has the capacity to offer a relationship between cost and benefit that appeals to consumers around the world.Being an international giant when it comes to trade, and taking advantage of the logics of globalization like no one else, China has managed to pierce world markets and make several brands gain substantial prominence.There are several Chinese brands around the globe. Today, we will present some of the best successful ones.


is a brand with a good reputation in the area of mobile devices. Providing state-of-the-art telecommunication equipment, with distinctive quality and at very affordable prices, this brand has achieved a remarkable growth over the years, having recently occupied second place among the best selling brands, dethroning the American giant Apple, which now occupies third place.

Despite its success, this brand is currently in a complex situation, after its name was blacklisted by America, preventing trade with some of its main suppliers. Users now fear the future of their or Intel's operation.


of the successful Chinese brands in the technological area, including with its television sets, computers and smartphones, and Lenovo.This company is the owner of IBM and Motorola and basically lives off the profits generated in foreign territory.

Air China This

company, which is one of the largest airlines in the world and the largest Chinese airline is widely acclaimed around the globe.


Like Huawei, Xiaomi is a leading international company in the field of new technologies. This company sells various types of smartphone and other electronics products and is particularly acclaimed for the way in which it is able to present this type of product with a quality and affordable price to the consumer. This feature places the Chinese brand among the top 5 best-selling mobile brands in the world.


Hisense is a Chinese company working in the field of household appliances.

This company is one of the major international exporters, and today its products reach over 130 regions of the world. The company, which also has a strong presence in the national territory, obtains about 30o total income from its international sales.

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