The best beaches in Sardinia where you can relax, sunbathe, play sports and go on boat trips

Sardinia has beaches that are true treasures of the Mediterranean, which have nothing to envy to the jewels of the Caribbean or Hawaiian paradise. Here you can relax, sunbathe, but also practice water sports. More and more tourists and inhabitants of the island are relying on a Sardinia boat rental company to make excursions and boat trips during the holidays or weekends. Here are the best beaches for a unique holiday.Poetto beachA few steps from the charming capital Cagliari, there is Poetto beach, a 7 km long seaside strip of coastal perfection.

You can reach this paradise via a short bus ride, it is home to a vibrant atmosphere framed by bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy exciting water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, the waters are navigable by boat. There are also two ponds where you can spot pink flamingos.Liscia Ruja BeachSituated between two charming villages, this is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Smeralda. Liscia Ruja is home to the softest sand on the island, while water sports, excellent restaurants and the deep blue sea make it a magical place in which to relax or indulge in an enchanting boat trip.Cala MarioluHere is a precious horseshoe-shaped cove on the east coast of Sardinia that offers some of the best snorkelling: Cala Mariolu is an unforgettable beach that is definitely worth a visit. From digging your toes into the gravel, to swimming in the turquoise water, this is the perfect place for a unique beach holiday, sunbathing and a boat trip.Nora Beach A few kilometres from Pula, famous for its eponymous archaeological site, Nora is home to a wonderful beach as well as its precious ruins.

The beach itself consists of a long stretch of sand bathed by calm, clear waters, making it perfect for swimming and boating, especially suitable for families. Another feature of this beach is its splendid view of the Torre del Coltellazzo, a historic coastal tower that has stood for over 400 years.Tuerredda BeachThe Tuerredda beach is located in the extreme south of Sardinia and is one of the most welcoming places in the whole Mediterranean. This beach has a V shape and is over half a kilometre long. Ideal for relaxing, practicing water sports such as snorkeling and sailing with friends or with the whole family, the sand and the sea are the setting for a real bathing spectacle.

Cala dei GabbianiWhere the rocks are reflected in the clear waters of the sea and create a truly unique spectacle, a coastal setting worthy of the Caribbean beauties with shallow waters, particularly ideal for families and those who love to relax. The turquoise waters and soft sand, color this small geological spectacle in which to spend a day or the entire holiday._________________________________________________________________________________________national boat rental Sardenga.

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