Rediscover Germany's most beautiful destinations - Mallorca

Rediscover the Germans' most beautiful destinations - MallorcaIt is more than a simple cliché that the German holidaymaker has lost his heart to the island of Mallorca. Every year, millions of tourists are attracted to the Spanish island, which has completely adapted to the German holidaymakers. But in the last years, it became clear that many travellers do not only want to lie on the beach or enjoy the many restaurants. Mallorca is more than the party stronghold "Ballermann" or a close destination with beach and sun.

Especially the many small bays and the sea around the island are adventurous.Discover Mallorca in a whole new wayNaturally, it is relaxing to just lie on the beach for a few days, enjoy the sun, have a cool drink or two and enjoy the wide selection of restaurants in Mallorca. But more and more people want to see more of the island that is so well known by German holidaymakers. As a result, more and more people are choosing to book a hotel or their own finca in the hinterland and use this as a base for their own ventures. Thus, the choice of rental cars has increased significantly in recent years.

Many people decide to make a tour around the island with this car. After all, there is a lot to discover in Mallorca. Only a few holidaymakers have ventured, for example, into the many small fishing villages around the island. Here, away from the big stream of tourists, the prices are fair, the food authentic and the culture still as it was in Mallorca before the tourism boom.

Also in the mountains on the island are many cultural highlights and small and large wonders of nature, which have so far received rare attention at most from tour groups from the tourist strongholds. Even more appealing to holidaymakers, however, are the views of small coves and deserted beaches, of which there are surprisingly many on the island.With your own boat around the coasts of MallorcaThe rental car is not the only way you can explore the island in a relaxed yet open-eyed way. Travelling by water holds a very special form of adventure and is now quite affordable. You can simply rent a boat in Mallorca and literally let yourself drift.

There are boats in different price ranges and for the whole family or the simple tour with the partner. From the water, of course, you have a completely different view of the island and many more opportunities to explore places that you would certainly never reach or even find by car or with guided tours.Mallorca deserves to be engaged in an emphatic way with the island. Whether you choose to do so by boat, rental car or simply embark on an adventure in the heart of the island is, of course, always up to your own taste. In any case, great culture, outstanding food and a visit to the beach for relaxation can be combined perfectly.

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