Cross the Caribbean Sea for a sensational journey

The Caribbean Sea offers a myriad of islands and islets to discover. For total freedom and optimal comfort during your stay in the islands, we recommend that you rent a boat on site. You can book different types of boats, depending on the number of passengers, your holiday budget and your desires. From pleasure yachts to luxury yachts, there is no shortage of sailing options.

Lovers of multihull boats will also find a wide choice of catamarans equipped for private cruises. Motor boats allow you to reach the coast without delay. Some models of boats are dedicated to sea fishing. You can hire the services of a captain to organise sea trips and water sports.

A boat to discover the Caribbean islands

Renting a boat frees you from any organisational constraints for your holiday trips.

You moor where the waves take you. At the bend of a steep cliff, you discover a cove hidden among the Virgin Islands. You stay in an idyllic bay like Carlisle Bay in Barbados for as long as you like. The white sandy beaches lure you to the shade of coconut palms before you head back to the azure blue of the Caribbean Sea.

The Bahamas offers itself to you at the mercy of the wind, without the need to drop anchor. St. Martin is the opportunity to hike on the preserved coastal path of Pinel Island. Guadeloupe conquers history buffs and invites them to a cultural journey through the visit of Napoleon's fort and the distilleries of Marie Galante Island.

Thus, like the pirates of yesteryear, you sail along the sea currents, without limit to your thirst for discovery and breathtaking landscapes.

A boat equipped to live an intense Caribbean experience.

The pleasure boats for rent in the Caribbean are dedicated to sea cruises. The comfort on board goes hand in hand with the heavenly atmosphere of the decor. The number of berths and sanitary facilities contributes to the pleasure of sailing with family or a group of friends. The fully equipped galley makes it possible to have meals on deck or in the lounge surrounded by bay windows.

The yachts have a private office and jacuzzi to reconcile business and relaxation. At any time of the day, you can enjoy a living space organized around pleasure boating.

A boat to enjoy the nautical activities and excursions in the Caribbean Sea.

A skipper will introduce you to scuba diving, kite surfing or stand up paddle in the Caribbean Sea. He guides you to the best sites for a unique experience. At his side, you will discover sailing.

The autonomy of the boat in water and electricity ensures you excursions rich in discoveries. The sublime landscapes follow one another in a singularity without equal. You will want to extend your stay and your boat rental in the Caribbean.

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